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Just to explain why this blog is here, I needed a starting point, this page is that starting point :-). I want to become a Stay At Home (Work from Home) Dad, and I put this site together so that my experiences might help someone else who’s looking to do the same thing. This site is about my journey to becoming a SAHD (who also makes money).

Before you start reading about my journey, I need to take you on a little pre-journey, if you will, about why I’m on this journey. Back in April, 2011, my wife, Cristy, and I found out that we were expecting. We were thrilled! We started preparing, and thinking about the future, how we wanted things to be. After a lot of thought and discussion, my wife wanted to be a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM), and I wanted her to be a SAHM also. It’s better for the child in so many ways. My mom, and Cristy’s mom, were both able to be Stay At Home Mom’s while we were growing up, and I think we turned out ok.

So, in order for her to stay at home, we knew we’d have to make a lot of changes to make that happen. The loss of her income mandated these changes. So we “sacrificed” a lot to make it happen. I put sacrificed in quotes because at the time, it really did feel like we sacrificed. After we made the changes, something interesting happened, we liked it. We liked cutting costs, and cutting fluff out of things. We found that the changes we made were actually more enjoyable than the way things used to be.

In early November, 2011, my wife was able to come home. She enjoyed the quiet time before the baby arrived. Once the dust settled, we found that we saved a lot of money by her coming home. My dad also mentioned something that he was exactly right on. He said that even though you’ll have less money coming in, you won’t really notice the money missing. When you don’t have the extra income to spend, you end up chopping a lot of waste out. Getting my wife to come home was one of the very best decisions we’ve ever made.

So, here we are, in 2013. I’ve got a great employer, I’ve had a blast watching my daughter grow, but a scary feeling has also took root in my mind. My wife sends me adorable pictures and updates throughout the day of new things that our daughter is doing and learning, and it kind of hit me at the start of this year, just how much I’m missing of my daughter’s childhood. Every day I lose with her, I’ll never gain that back. I regret the amount of time I’ve already lost with her. I wish that I would have taken action sooner.

So, we’ve started a new mission, a new push. We’ve decided to employ the ways of frugality, and make changes so that I can be a stay at home dad (who also makes some money so that we can live). This is my journey, my journey to becoming a SAHD. I don’t want to miss anything else. I’m hopeful that this blog will inspire people, and give hope to other dads or moms who are wanting to make the same changes in their lives. Maybe the steps that my family takes to bring this goal closer to reality will help you make your own steps towards goals. Or maybe, these ideas and experiences can just help you save some money, or make some additional income. I’ll cover a variety of topics, some about saving money, others about income generation. It will be a little bit of everything, hopefully all of it will be helpful!

Thanks for reading!

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